M Sales Applications

M Sales Applications

Technology brings big changes in the way of product selling and marketing. The product producer is taking help of technology to make its products easier and less accessible to the customers.

Traditional methods in the marketing system: The producer employs the sales officer to market his products. The sales officer went to the market and took the order of the product by writing paper from the customers. After ordering, the sales officer will send the order of the customer’s product to the depot through the phone. There are several limitations in product marketing of this traditional systems. Such as-

  • Waste of time
  • Waste of money
  • Take order without knowing the exact amount of the product
  • More labor
  • Manual order processing
  • Non update of products
  • No Tracking system

Our technology: To simplify product marketing, we created a mobile application called M Sales. This application will make much easier of products marketing. Instead of manual system, a sales officer can easily create order from the customers using this application. The efficiency of using this application is given below:

  • Electronic order processing
  • Saving in time & money
  • Real time product update & product record
  • Track of each record


Product listing and descriptions: List all the products of the producer and their details.

Price list: The price list for all products will be available.

Sales officers and buyers list: There will be a list of all the customers’ list and their marketing officers. You can easily find a specific customer with the search box.

Customers: All information will be provided to the customer here. The sales officer can create a new order from here. There are some features here again. For example-

  • Ageing: Ageing refers to a specific time to pay for a product for a buyer.
  • Visit log: The producer sees the times how many times visited sales officer to the customer.
  • Collection & Due: Here are the details of monthly sales, collections, taxes and commission income of sales officers.
  • New order: The sales officer will be able to make a new order for the buyer and also fix the delivery time of the product.

M-Sales application have regular updates for all products. As a result, the sales officer will be able to create customer order by looking at the quantity of the product. The order will be submitted to the central server immediately after ordering the sales officer. As a result, the product will be delivered to the buyer in very short time.

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